Ukulele Tuning Machines

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Ukulele Tuning MachinesUkulele Tuning MachinesUkulele Tuning Machines

The ukulele tuning machines made of carbon fibre have been designed specifically to resolve some major issues that affect the products currently on the market, such as:

  • The weight
  • The installation direction (right/left)
  • Tuning precision
  • Tuning stability

Implemented by injection moulding and the properties of the materials that form the mixture produce their main characteristics.

In particular, the carbon fibre adds lightness and strength whereas the Teflon combined with other special polyamides allows for self-lubricating mechanics that are less subject to wear.

Weight problems?

Finally, your ukulele will not weigh less than the mechanics alone!
With a single set of 4 pieces weighing a total of 28 grams you will finally have a light, practical ukulele that is comfortable to play.

Lightness and strength

Weighing 42 grams per set they are the lightest on the market, which adds value for musicians who expect an instrument to be balanced properly. Comfort and better posture are definitely among the advantages that can affect your performance.

Technical Detail

never so light

Each mechanical element weighs 7 grams, including fixing screws. The mechanics are the absolute lightest and most innovative on the market.

Tuning accuracy

Thanks to the tuning ratio of 1:21 they can achieve optimum accuracy for perfect and long lasting tuning.



The special composition of the mixture has been modified with the addition of Teflon which has allowed for mechanics to be less subject to wear and therefore, more resistant.

Manual and support

Need help with this product? Download the user manual.

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