Nut and Saddle Sander

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Nut and Saddle SanderNut and Saddle SanderNut and Saddle SanderNut and Saddle SanderNut and Saddle Sander

The nut and saddle sander is the fastest and surest way to perfectly square nuts and capos for them to be ready to be mounted.

The base of a nut or capo must be perfectly square and smooth. This is the only way it will be perfectly in contact with the bridge and therefore able to transmit the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard.

It is a unique tool that helps you maintain the nut or capo perfectly vertical while working with sandpaper, which is necessary to remove excess material and achieve the desired adjustments.

All of this is crucial for good sound.

Instrument-making and technology have never been this close

To guarantee exceptional performance we made the body of aluminium and the bearings, which are more subject to wear, of steel.
This way you'll have an unbreakable instrument, which is durable and always accurate. A shim will help you to better handle the two different types of work. With the shim for the nuts, without the shim for the capos and you're done.

It solves the set-up problems

Sometimes, while sanding nuts or capos it is difficult not to tilt them in one direction or another. Unfortunately, such minor irregularities due to the inaccuracy of normal work cause problems of adhesion on the guitar surface, which lead to incorrect propagation of the vibrations that are the basis of the sound of the instrument.
The problem is enhanced when the guitar must be amplified.

Technical Detail


Perfect set-ups in record time

You will be able to conclude a perfect set-up rapidly, flawlessly. The sound will always be perfectly balanced and the strings always at the right height.

Improve your sound

Thanks to the implemented precision, the work will be more accurate, thereby improving the sound of the instrument.

Piezo? no problem!

Remember all those times you contacted your instrument-maker due to different volumes in the strings when amplifying the guitar with piezoelectric sensors? That was yesterday - we are here today.

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