Roberto Fabbri

Internationally renowned as one of the greatest contemporary classic guitarists, Fabbri has always paired a career playing concerts with considerable publishing activity, collaborating with numerous publishing companies (Anthropos, Berben, Playgame, EMR, Warner Bros, Carisch). He regularly plays concerts and gives master classes along with prestigious names from the international guitar scene in the most important guitar festivals and the most well-known concert halls in Europe, the United States, South America, Russia and Asia.

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Founder, along with Enrico “Erriquez” Greppi, of the Tuscan folk rock group Bandabardò.

In addition to playing with Bandabardò, he has collaborated with the Modena City Ramblers, CSI, Daniele Silvestri, David Sylvian, Max Gazzè, Paola Turci, Franco Battiato, Goran Bregovic, Carmen Consoli, Dolcenera, Piero Pelù, Roy Paci, Peppe Voltarelli, Caparezza, Orchestra Piazza Vittorio, Stefano Bollani, Tonino Carotone, Giobbe Covatta, Dario Fo, Casa del vento and others.

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Simone Masina

Simone Masina was born in Bologna in May of 1976 and completed his classical studies with Maestro Daniele Roccato in the double bass and the electric bass. This versatility would lead him to move easily between pop and classical music. Starting in 2005, he was a member of the Domenica In orchestra and collaborated live and in the studio with Gino Paoli, Ornella Vanoni, Lucio Dalla, Alexia, Max Gazzè, Gigi D’Alessio, Marco Masini, Toto Cotugno, Little Tony, Spagna, Andrea Mingardi, Ricchi e Poveri, Luisa Corna, Silvia Mezzanotte.

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Giuseppe Tropeano

Acoustic guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Giuseppe started studying guitar at the age of 10. He appeared several times on local and national television (RTV, RAI NEWS 24, RAI 3, RAI EDUCATIONAL). In 2011, he began studying fingerstyle guitar and the related genres under Pietro Nobile. In 2014, he joined the team of teachers at ScuolacusticA, a network of guitar schools dedicated to fingerstyle guitar found throughout the country and invented by fingerpicking.net. He recorded his first album, “A Ricurdanza”, in 2015.

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Francesco Loccisano

He began studying classical and electric guitar at the age of nine. At ten, he started his first band, which toured playing shows all over southern Italy. He earned his diploma in classical guitar at San Giacomantonio of Cosenza, continued his studies at F. Torrefranca of Vibo Valentia, then studied flamenco guitar in Seville by frequenting Andalusian schools, musicians and cultural locations.

In 2005, he became a part of Eugenio Bennato’s Taranta power and toured intensively with them as the chitarra battente (renaissance guitar) player and arranger. Among the main tour destinations: Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Poland, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Wales, the UK, Scotland, Mozambique, Greece, Libya, Syria, Germany, Kosovo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Turkey, Spain, and Canada.

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Anchise Bolchi

Born in Mantua, he is one of the most renowned and requested country artists in Italy. He has a passion for American folk music, with a particular appreciation for modern country music. He picked up his first guitar at age nine and since then, he has taught himself to play many other instruments.
Today, his main instrument is the violin, but he is equally skilled at any type of string instrument.

He was soon noticed for his excellent “picking” techniques, to the point that LIGABUE wanted him in 1992 for an album, “Lambrusco, Coltelli e Popcorn”, and for a tour in which he played violin, steel guitar, dobro and banjo. Other studio collaborations would follow with ORNELLA VANONI for the album “Stella Nascente”, where he played the steel guitar and dobro, with FAUSTO LEALI for “Saranno Promossi” (steel guitar) and with MARIO LAVEZZI (dobro and steel guitar). In 2015, LIGABUE wanted him in his epic performance held at Campo Volo in Reggio Emilia.

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