Heart Sound was founded thanks to the combination of technological research in the acoustic-electronics field and the skilled craftsmanship typical of violin-making workshops, as well as the great friendship between two major music enthusiasts.

Their first talks, which quickly led to experiments, and later prototypes, began in 1994, the year in which Eng. Antonio Selmo and master luthier Roberto Fontanot started working on researching a new way of amplifying acoustic instruments, especially guitars.

The two of them, who both have a distinct technical background, collaborated by combining reason and passion, gradually realising that they embodied the balance needed to work on a project that, as it often happens, starts out as a hobby and then turns into something more ambitious.

Together, they started analytically testing the electronics already available on the market in order to understand its strengths and areas for improvement. Just like the most meticulous of academic researches, they compared data measured on their prototypes with those of other producers, striving to achieve a goal that, in time, would become critical: competitiveness with the best condenser microphones, those used in major recording studios, which, over the years, have recorded the performances of great artists.

Theory, however, is never sufficient and both of them know well that in order to solve the problems of final users practical solutions are always needed. The first prototypes arrived, tested by trusted friends and experienced guitarists such as Pietro Nobile, Pino Daniele, Massimo Varini and many others. What happened next was the best thing that could happen for this kind of project: musicians and engineers working side by side with the ambitious goal of amplifying acoustic instruments with high-quality sound while preserving their characteristics.

The turning point came when a major industrial group, particularly interested in the work carried out by Selmo and Fontanot, decided to believe and invest in this initiative, increasing the number of staff, adding new organisational skills, and creating what from a simple friendship has now become Heart Sound.

This name sums up an emotional concept, which is the core of our philosophy:

We believe that the quality of an acoustic sound lies in the characteristics of the instrument, in its “heart”. For this reason, we want to keep the properties intact, ensuring maximum freedom of expression for artists both in the recording studio and during a live performance.